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Aussie Olympians banned from social media

Two Australian Olympic swimmers have been banned from using social media in the lead-up to the games, as well as during the global event.

Last week Kenrick Monk caused a stir after he posted a photo of himself and fellow swimmer Nick D'Arcy posing with two firearms in what appeared to be a United States gun store.

As the image was in breach of his Swimming Australia contract, Monk was immediately ordered to remove the photo by the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC).

Chef de mission of AOC Nick Green said in a statement that Olympic participants had to be careful what they posted online.

"This incident serves as a warning to all athletes on the 2012 team about the dangers of social media. We say again to our athletes, do not put anything up on social media that you would not share with your mother or grandmother," he asserted (June 7).

It seems that Monk and D'Arcy have listened carefully to this advice, with both of them deciding to stop updating their social media accounts.

"Both Kenrick and I understand the sanctions that have been put on us from the AOC," D'Arcy told journalists when fielding questions about incident, reported Reuters (June 11).

"We've had some really serious discussions with Swimming Australia today and as per those discussions, I've decided not to engage in social media in the period leading into the Games."

Also talking to reporters, Monk explained why the pair had posed with guns in the first place, saying that he thought it would be a "bit of bonding and fun".

Despite their seemingly innocent intentions, the AOC still decided it would be best if they stayed away from Facebook, Twitter and other public social networks.

Instead fans and followers can access fresh content from the entire Australian Olympic team on the official AOC social media accounts.

Posted by Jess O'Connor