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Aussies continue online shopping spree

The thought of trudging out to the stores on a Saturday afternoon may seem less appealing than it did in years gone by, especially as there is now the option of shopping from the comfort of your own home.

If new figures are to be believed, this is a luxury that large numbers of Australians are now taking, as data from Frost & Sullivan shows that internet shopping is on the rise.

Now this might not come as a particular shock, but the rate at which online shopping is growing is something that simply can't be ignored.

This year alone, it is expected to account for seven per cent of total retail sales, bringing $18.3 billion to the Australian economy.

It is perhaps the future predictions that provide the most interesting reading – nearly 90 per cent of those polled said they would either increase or maintain their current level of internet spending over the next year.

Phil Harpur, senior research manager at Frost & Sullivan for the Australin and New Zealand ICT practice, believes that some behavioural shifts have helped to shape this emerging trend.

"Customers have become more comfortable with the online shopping process, including reduced concerns over security and higher levels of confidence in the delivery process, which helps drive growth in online shopping," he commented.

However, it seems that Australian retailers still have some way to go to entice domestic shoppers – 79 per cent who shop online currently buy from overseas sites.

So what can you do to make sure that you can take advantage of the online shopping boom?

Offering competitive prices no doubt plays a major part, but consumers these days are often in search of a well-rounded, positive experience when they visit online stores.

Providing original and fresh content can help entice shoppers to visit your webpage – you might even want to consider a social media presence to get your brand known.

Posted by Emma Furze