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Aussies ditch home phones in favour of mobiles

When was the last time you used a landline? If you're struggling to remember, it looks like you're not alone – new research shows that home phones are falling out of favour across the nation.

Technology trends undoubtedly come and go – the chances are your PC has been upgraded to a laptop and maybe even a tablet over the past few years, and the same can be said for the humble home phone.

The latest figures from Roy Morgan Research indicate that more than four million Australians have now shunned their landlines in favour of mobile phones.

Not only this, 34 per cent of those polled said they would seriously consider becoming mobile-only customers, while 58 per cent now use their mobile more than their landline.

The company's general manager for media and communications George Pesutto believes that this trend is showing little sign of slowing down any time soon.

He commented: "If the previous rate of consideration to action continues, we could expect to see the proportion of people who are 'mobile only' double in the next five years to over two in five Australians."

So which demographics are most likely to ditch their home phone in favour of a mobile? If these results are to be believed, people renting their property are the most inclined to follow this trend.

Furthermore, young singles and couples are most likely to use their mobile and tend to opt for a smartphone with a higher data allowance than the average Australian.

These results could prove interesting reading for anyone with a content marketing strategy, not least because mobile phones have had a significant impact on the way people browse the internet.

It is becoming increasingly important for marketers to offer websites that are mobile-friendly, which means avoiding content-rich pages and any other factors that will slow down loading.

Posted by Emma Furze