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Aussies download record amounts of data

It's hardly surprising that more Australians are embracing the internet, especially as much of our everyday lives are being played out through the online domain!

However, the latest figures showing the volume of internet downloads have been more unprecedented – the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found that the total volume of data downloaded via the internet has increased considerably.

In fact, between the June 2012 quarter and the three months to December last year, the Internet Activity Survey shows that the amount of data downloaded in Australia reached half a million terabytes for the first time in a three-month period.

So what does this mean in simple terms? Well between the periods in question, there was a 33 per cent rise in the volume of data that was downloaded.

This is a pretty big deal when you think about how short this space of time really is – the internet is here to stay and it's getting bigger by the month!

Diane Braskic, ABS director of the innovation and technology statistics branch, noted that last year alone, the number of internet subscribers increased five per cent.

On a national basis, this now means that almost 12.2 per cent of Australians are connected to the internet.

The survey also shed some interesting light on the usage of mobile phones, as the amount of data downloaded by these subscribers increased 38 per cent between the June and December quarters.

However, this still accounts for a relatively small proportion of all downloads, as those carried out through fixed-line connections accounted for 95 per cent of total data download volume.

With more Australians heading online – and apparently doing more while they surf the internet – it is more important than ever for companies to have a content marketing strategy.

If this trend continues at its current rate, the opportunities to connect with everyday Aussies could never be greater!

Posted by Emma Furze