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Aussies keen to multi-task with digital devices

There are all sorts of dilemmas associated with the digital world – which website should you check first in the morning? Which social media site will you update before the others?

If latest research is to be believed, it would seem that people are also struggling to decide which of their digital devices they should use more than the others, leading Australians to turn to multi-tasking instead.

Picture this – you're sat in front of the TV mindlessly watching a program. You want to keep an eye out for any SMS messages your mates might send, but you also want to play a game on your tablet.

What should you do? Findings from Deloitte show that using more than one device at the same time is becoming increasingly popular, leading it to call these people "digital omnivores".

The results showed that 28 per cent of Australians currently own a smartphone, laptop and a tablet, while 71 per cent are multi-tasking while they watch live TV.

This makes it ever more important for marketers to take a multi-device approach to their content strategy – after all, not all sites are optimised for use on mobile devices.

"Given Australian consumers' capability and capacity for convergence, media companies are now considering content strategies that are platform, device and distribution neutral," said Deloitte media partner Clare Harding.

The findings also indicate that social media marketing shouldn't be overlooked either, as almost half of all respondents to the survey said they update their pages at least five to seven days a week.

As the population becomes increasingly connected, the challenge now lies with companies to tap into this growing need for information from the online domain.

How you go about achieving this is up to you – whether you opt for custom news or company blogs, make sure whatever you do is engaging and of the highest quality!

Posted by Emma Furze