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Aussies turn to ‘pre-shopping’ online

An increasing number of Australians are turning to the web to research potential purchases, according to one firm.

New data from 'pre-shop' website Lasoo suggests that while online sales in Australia make up a "small percentage" of retail sales, up to 50 per cent of the purchases made in bricks-and-mortar stores are now informed by online research.

According to Lasoo's executive general manager Paul Marshall, retailers who haven't yet embraced a web marketing strategy should hurry so they don't miss out.

He said: "Both online marketing and online commerce need to be part of a retailer’s multichannel strategy."

Campaigns that include smartphones and other mobile devices could also prove to be beneficial, as an increasing number of people are using their handsets to carry out research, compare prices and read product reviews.

This follows figures published by comScore last week, which suggested that Australians are eager to embrace mobile campaigns thanks to our high take-up of smartphones.

While Apple's iPhone is the country's favourite mobile device, search engine Google continues to gain ground – its Android handsets took 21 per cent of the market share at the end of the third quarter of 2010.