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Australia leading the way with mobile ads

Australia is a world leader when it comes to mobile advertising thanks to the widespread take-up of the iPhone 4 and other high-tech handsets.

New research from independent mobile ad network InMobi and comScore indicated that 75 per cent of Aussies claim to be "very comfortable" or "somewhat comfortable" with advertising on their mobiles – this compares to 65 per cent in the United States.

The main reason we are so accepting of mobile advertising, according to the new data, is Australia's high take-up of smartphones. Australia's iPhone ad impression share is 42 per cent – a figure significantly higher than in Europe (30 per cent) or the US (19 per cent).

And while Apple is the market leader, gadgets running Google's Android operating system are also a popular option among Aussies – figures published at the end of last year by analyst firm IDC showed Android held a 21 per cent market share at the end of the third quarter of 2010.

But InMobi's Australia-New Zealand regional director Rob Marston said that despite the popularity of high-tech handsets, many companies are not using the mobile market to its full potential.

He says that while Australians are ready and willing to be part of mobile campaigns, many organisations – particularly SMEs – are reluctant to engage in this type of marketing.

“I think there is a great space here for small and nimble businesses to be making strong in-roads into mobile advertising, purely be experimenting and playing the game," Mr Marsden said, adding that the longer firms wait to enter the market, the more likely they are to miss out.