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Australia loves social media

2010 was a social media year for Australia. Search trends show that the latest generation of social media sites were among the fastest risers in Aussie search.

Google’s Zeitgeist, which uses search data to track popular trends, revealed that the likes of Tumblr, Chatroulette and saw sharp rises in interest from Australia’s online community.

Tumblr, a blogging platform that allows users to share pictures, videos and updates publicly or with a private network, had the best year. Interest in the site just kept on rising throughout 2010.

Chatroulette, a Russian website that enables users to video chat with randoms from around the globe, experienced more mixed fortunes. Interest peaked at the end of March, but fell away later in the year, rebounding only slightly when the site relaunched in September. is a Q&A site that allows users to build a profile featuring the questions they’ve been asked and the answers they’ve provided. Australia’s interest spiked in May and June and remained solid through the end of the year.

With Omegle, another chat-with-strangers offering, also making the top ten, Aussies firmly planted their flag on the social media landscape last year.

This growing interest in social media highlights the need for businesses, charities and professional associations to get involved.

With more and more people using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as these newer social media platforms, organisations have a great opportunity to connect with their target market.

The key is finding the most appropriate platform and content strategy for your organisation. Social media sites tend to be self-policing, which means overt, spammy marketing efforts will likely get slapped down by existing users.

Push some relevant, unique content out there and you’ll have an opportunity to engage existing and potential customers, promote your brand and better understand your competitive environment.