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Australia vs New Zealand – and other tricky questions for Amy Crooymans

You started as a Content Strategist, now you’re an Account Director. Talk us through what you do at Castleford.

My role is to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in our customers’ marketing strategies. That means working closely with our content strategists and project managers – and of course our clients. Being in Sydney is good because I can visit a lot of them in person, which is great for strengthening relationships.

So face time with clients is a big part of it?

Absolutely. Like us, our customers have goals they need to achieve, and we’re there to help them do that. I think the key to succeeding there is just to be human – the more you know about people and what they are working towards the better!

I like being able to check in at a broad level – how is the business doing, do they have any big projects coming up – but also get in to the nitty-gritty, looking at pain points and coming up with solutions.

A fun one recently was a client that had created some videos that were on YouTube but weren’t getting a lot of engagement. We decided to recreate them as animated videos to really up the production values, then put a social media advertising campaign behind them to ensure they got in front of the right people.

Is there a sweet spot at the moment for Content Marketing? In your view what’s working well these days?

We’ve seen some awesome results for organic traffic recently using our new Content Audit product where they’ve discovered opportunities for longer pieces.

Another common theme is with downloadable assets – whitepapers and ebooks used to generate leads by putting them behind email capture forms. A lot of people tell me ‘oh I would never give my contact details away for a whitepaper, surely this won’t work’. But in practice getting leads with a downloadable asset is about matching exactly the right people to exactly the right content. Social media advertising can be incredibly powerful there; showing people the kind of precise targeting we can do can be really satisfying.

I think the power of a well targeted social media campaign can be a real eye-opener.

2018 saw you move from Auckland to your role in Sydney. What struck you as different?

The biggest difference I’ve noticed here is the lack of locals! I feel like half the people I meet aren’t originally from Sydney or Australia but have made it their home. I love the diversity and insight that comes with that.

What about you – where do you hail from?

I grew up in the mighty Waikato! In a tiny, beautiful place called Miranda, where the only thing within 10km was an organic farm shop and some hot pools – what else do you need?! It’s bliss and I love going back there whenever I can to see my whanau [family].

So how does life on a dairy farm equip one for Content Marketing, if at all?

Well…you could say we make content gold and cows make liquid gold. Udder than that, they don’t have a patch in common. It has been disgracefully long since I’ve milked a cow, but I still have my favourites – a couple of cows in the herd are older than I am!

A final question – how much more fun are the Auckland office staff compared to Sydney and Melbourne?

Phew, that is a seriously loaded question. That’s like choosing between Mum and Dad! Auckland is the vibrant, creative, office with lots happening, whereas I find Sydney and Melbourne are more business-driven and customer-focused, getting it done! I find both motivational in different ways so am glad to get the best of both worlds.


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