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Australia vs. the UK: A content marketing comparison

Australia and the United Kingdom have a lot of things in common. We have the same queen, we drive on the same side of the road, and we both love rugby and cricket. But when it comes to content marketing, it is clear that our two nations are not on the same page.

The Content Marketing Institute recently took an in-depth look into how businesses in Australia and the UK practice content marketing, and the studies found that there’s more that separates us than 15,000 kilometres of land mass.

Australian businesses are only just becoming familiar with the benefits of content marketing, while many British businesses have been publishing online content for years. So it comes as a shock that 93 per cent of Australian businesses are practicing content marketing, compared with 88 per cent of businesses in the UK.

When it comes to strategy, Australia is also in the lead. The studies found 53 per cent of businesses Down Under have a documented content marketing strategy in place, 74 per cent of which have someone dedicated to executing the strategy.

Compare this with only 42 per cent of businesses in the UK that have a documented strategy. Out of these businesses, 71 per cent said they have someone in charge of following it through.

However, the UK shines when it comes to confidence. The studies found 48 per cent of these British businesses believe their content marketing is effective, as opposed to only 33 per cent of Australian businesses.

Out of the numerous marketing techniques available, 73 per cent of Aussie businesses believe e-newsletters are the most effective. However, in the UK, e-newsletters were cited as the fifth most effective technique, with 74 per cent agreeing that in-person events are the best.

While it may look like we have the upper hand, we must remember that British businesses have more experience in this industry. Australian businesses are in the early days of content marketing so it could be that we still have a lot to learn from wise old Britain.

Posted by Dylan Brown