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Australian businesses slow to tweet

A new study has shown that Australian businesses have been slow to take advantage of the opportunities offered by social media.

Only 42 per cent of companies are engaged in social media activities, according to a report by professional services firm KPMG.

Entitled Social media: the voyage of discovery for business, the study gives great insight into the current social media marketing strategies being conducted by Australian companies.

48 per cent of business managers say that they have no current social media presence, while ten per cent of those surveyed said they simply did not know if they were or not.

Of those who are engaged on social platforms, 53 per cent are using them for marketing and sales tactics.

Such strategies can include unique promotions, user-generated content, as well as provided means to distribute their own original content.

Companies with blogs can easily drive traffic to them by updating their Twitter feeds to ensure all followers are clued in.

Social media isn't just being used to sell products either – four out of ten have used platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as a means to extend their customer services facilities.

Brand accountability has only increased with more and more public ways to provide feedback to businesses, both positive and negative.

Social media also affords companies unique research opportunities – a direct connection to consumers can be used to test products, brand awareness and user behaviour.

The study has found that a number of businesses have set multiple objectives with their social media feeds, rather than limiting themselves to a single strategy.

Companies that are currently not leaping into the social realm should seriously consider a marketing and research strategy that encourages user engagement and audience interactivity in order to see the benefits it can have on their bottom line.