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Australian businesses struggling with cross-channel marketing

Although many Australian businesses have incorporated multiple channels into their content marketing strategy, a large percentage are failing to pull off cross-channel marketing effectively.

In July of this year, Econsultancy, in partnership with Experian Marketing Services, released "The Australia Cross-Channel Marketing Survey Report," after interviewing 200 Australian digital and ecommerce professionals about how they are conducting cross-channel marketing for their business or client.

Even though digital marketing has recently taken on a huge role in the marketing industry and many Australian businesses have invested in establishing an online presence, the report found that more than half of those interviewed are struggling to successfully execute a long-term content strategy across multiple channels. Instead, they are opting for short-term campaigns.

Many of the interviewees lacked confidence in their online cross-channel marketing strategy, a technique the survey defined as "consistent and integrated messaging across channels, and the ability to build dialogues and relationships in real-time."

Only 24 per cent believed their strategy was good, while just 2 per cent rated it as excellent.

The survey also revealed that only 51 per cent of Australian marketing campaigns have a consistent message across multiple channels.

The Econsultancy report advised that: "Marketing is no longer just a push tactic. It’s a dialogue. It’s the journey to build long-term relationships with your customer."

A major problem these marketers face is the competitiveness of online marketing. The survey found that 76 per cent of those interviewed believe it is now harder to promote their brands through marketing and communications because so many others are doing the same.

Social media marketing has become incredibly competitive over recent years, but it is also one of the most effective forms of cross-channel marketing and definitely worth investing into.

There are now 12 million Australians active on Facebook, according to recent statistics released by Frank. There are also 3.4 million users on LinkedIn, 2.1 million on Twitter, and 1.4 million on Instagram.

Posted by Dylan Brown