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Your customers will forgive bad UX in exchange for an incentive

Australians place a lot of value on the quality of their online experience and brands that fail to live up to their expectations risk losing their business for good.

But despite that, most remain open to being wooed back either with an incentive offer, positive word of mouth or complimentary online reviews, according to a recent study.

Digital Australia: Understanding the customer experience roadmap revealed that a disappointing user experience was a common cause of frustration for Aussie consumers, ranking just below too many ads and a lack of security.

Only ten per cent of respondents said these issues would prompt them never to do business with a particular brand ever again. Almost two thirds (60 per cent) said they remained willing to change their minds about a brand despite their negative experience.

How content marketing can help

This survey highlights a great opportunity for brands that invest in an active content marketing strategy. As well as providing an improved user experience, reducing the chances that consumers will feel let down when they interact with you through your website or on social media, content marketing can also help you win back disenchanted customers.

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If you have a regularly-updated blog that has good traction with your target audience you can use it as a platform to promote positive reviews about your brand and the products or services you sell.

Your blog is also a great place to showcase the topics and themes that your organisation cares about. This will help you connect with more of the right people and build levels of trust that can survive one disappointing website visit or at least earn you a second chance.

If you have an active and well-targeted email marketing strategy you’ll be well-placed to promote the sorts of incentive offers that can help you win back lost customers. And with Christmas approaching, it’s a good time of year to share some festive cheer and earn yourself some goodwill with a carefully thought out discount or special offer.

Winning back lost customers is usually worth it

Whether it’s through your blog or through an email campaign making the effort to convince former customers to give you another shot is often worth it. A study published earlier this year revealed that even customers that had left because of price could still be profitable once you had won them back.

Furthermore, customers who haven’t left, but just have irregular buying habits can also be worth looking after and your content marketing activities are an ideal way to do that.

Binge consumers – customers who have spending splurges followed by long quiet periods – can sometimes be the most profitable types of customer. Brands that really get content marketing will use relevant, good quality content, promoted intelligently through different channels, to maintain contact with these customers between splurges. It’s this type of long-term play where content marketing really pays dividends.

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