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Australian tourism execs turn to social media

Social media sites – including Facebook and Twitter – are part of the Tourism NSW strategy to double the amount of visitors to the state by 2020.

A new campaign designed to appeal to tourists between the ages of 18 and 30 will make extensive use of digital content, including video clips, travel blogs and social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.

According to the organisation, Sydney and the surrounding regions attract more than five million visitors ranging in age from 15 to 29 each year, which is thought to strengthen the state's economy by around $5.5 billion.

Ambassadors including surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, musician Guy Sebastian and filmmaker Matilda Brown will share their favourite experience in the state and members of the tourism industry have also been encouraged to contribute by offering a range of youth deals.

The new digital media initiative also includes partner campaigns with STA travel and Virgin.

Out of all the businesses that have established social media profiles, 72 per cent claim to spend up to ten per cent of their budgets on this type of marketing.

Active social media profiles can give your brand a boost in search engine results pages and can complement an ongoing content strategy.