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Australians becoming ‘social TV-watchers’

An increasing number of Aussies are taking a social approach to watching television, with new research showing that nearly half of the participants in a recent Yahoo!7 survey use social networking sites while catching up with their favourite shows.

The second annual Yahoo!7 Social Media Survey revealed that 43 per cent of Australians use social media while watching TV – and 42 per cent have tuned into a new show thanks to the recommendation of a friend on a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter.

The latter figure, according to Yahoo!7, represents a 16 per cent increase compared with the results from the 2012 survey.

Kristin Carlos, head of TV at Yahoo!7, said: "Last year’s survey found that Australians have a genuine appetite for the idea of social TV and  connecting with  like-minded  fans around the shows they love.  This year, the  survey results highlighted social media’s increasing influence on how Australians discover new TV shows."

The survey also showed that while the majority (72 per cent) of TV viewers prefer to watch their favourite shows at their scheduled times, the tablet is emerging as the device of choice for those who want to catch up online. Ten per cent of respondents claim they watched TV on a tablet this year – doubling the 2012 figure.

Yahoo!7's findings demonstrate the power of social media to influence and engage an audience – particularly when it comes to making recommendations or encouraging people to try new things. If you're planning a content strategy, this is an important point to bear in mind. As a rule, people are more likely to respond to lively, relevant and fresh content – which should be a priority for your social media marketing efforts.

Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley