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Australians predicted to spend more time on social media and online shopping

In the lead up to Australia Day on January 26, IBISWorld has released a report that reveals an interesting insight into the average Australian now and its predictions of what Australians will be like in 2025.

IBISWorld said that traditional activities and ideas linked to Australians such as barbecues, beaches and backyard cricket, may "no longer be an accurate reflection of the typical Aussie", with the country instead becoming a nation of "urban-dwelling, eco-conscious bargain hunters".

The report looked at several insights including population numbers, the most populous states (with WA expected to have the most growth by 2025), how much we work, what we eat and how we power our lives.

An important aspect of the report was how Australians spend their leisure time, with the average citizen expected to have around 78.1 leisure hours per week in 2013, an increase from 76.4 in 2000.

There will be little growth in the amount of leisure time by 2025 – expected to reach 78.5 hours per week – with the report stating that technological advancements will eliminate the need for human involvement.

"Over the past ten years there's been a huge shift in how Australians use their leisure time largely due to the mounting influence of the internet, social media and e-commerce," said IBISWorld general manager (Australia) Karen Dobie.

"In 2013, typical Australians will spend more than 20 leisure hours online, up from 18.3 in 2010 – with social media and shopping taking up most of that time, a trend we expect to continue right through to 2025."

Ms Dobie said that when Australians weren't online they would be playing sport, eating out, at the gym and watching TV and movies – though she added that "much of the latter will be done online via streaming and downloads".

Posted by April Revake.