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Australians show love for smartphones

A recent study by Google and Ipsos has succeeded in uncovering the ways that Australians use their smartphones.

This is the first time that a study like this has been conducted Down Under, with over 30,000 respondents participating in the survey across a large range of demographics.

Researchers uncovered a number of interesting facts about smartphone usage that may have an impact on the social media marketing strategies of many modern businesses.

For starters the very nature of mobile wireless devices could imply that many owners would use them when they are out and about.

However, a post on the Official Google Australia Blog says that up to 81 per cent of users had been checking information online when at home.

The amount of multitasking done by Australians also seems to have increased, with close to 50 per cent saying they would use their smartphones while watching TV and 33 per cent indicating that they would use their handset at the same time as another wireless device.

Savvy businesses have also been given the opportunity to provide their clients with original content through online channels, as 49 per cent admitted they would frequently use their phone to research a company or product before calling in to book or make a purchase – and 44 per cent said that they would perform local searches every day.

Wireless interaction is also growing at a steady pace, with Google estimating that roughly 1.5 per cent of the Australian population will purchase a new smartphone every month.

This brings the nation right near the top of the table in terms of adoption of intelligent wireless handsets – beating Japan, the UK and the US in terms of market penetration.