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Australians spend more time on mobile than PC

As smartphone and tablet penetration continues to rise, the necessity for businesses to incorporate mobile users into their content marketing strategy is becoming more pressing.

The majority of Australians are now browsing the internet on mobile devices, with 77 per cent of the population owning a smartphone and 56 per cent owning a tablet, according to the Sensis e-Business Report 2014.

In fact, consumers are now spending just as much time online on their mobile devices as they are on their PCs.

The recent IAB and Nielsen mobile panel pilot, which surveyed 1,500 people from a range of demographics, revealed that 52 per cent of digital screen time is spent on mobile devices.

The study found the average Australian spends 38 hours a month on a desktop or laptop, compared to 29 hours on a smartphone and 24 hours on a tablet.

What exactly are mobile users doing online?

Mobile apps are incredibly popular – especially social media, news and gaming apps – dominating 86 per cent of all mobile activity.

Therefore, if you want to continue reaching consumers, you need to make your website mobile friendly at the very least.

“Marketers should keep in mind that consumers are device agnostic, but when it comes to design, measurement and marketing there need to be different considerations,” said IAB Australia director of research, Gai Le Roy.

Brands should devote at least a quarter of their digital marketing budget targeting mobile users, advised Le Roy.

E-Commerce is also starting to take off with mobile users.

The top 500 leading e-commerce retailers are predicted to generate $83.78 billion in mobile sales by the end of this year, accounting for 21.2 per cent of total online sales, according to Internet Retailer.

As we can see, the platforms we use to access the internet are becoming more and more diversified. If you’re producing content to engage online consumers, consider the different ways of reaching them on a mobile device.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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