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Australia’s social media capital revealed

Australians have embraced social media in recent years with Facebook and Twitter becoming a big part of our lives both at work and at play.

Google's Zeitgeist for 2010 showed that Facebook, Australia and the world's favourite social media platform, attracted more search interest than any other website last year, including Google.

In fact the search engine giant came in third behind its video-sharing site, YouTube. Newer social media platforms dominated the fastest rising searches, with Chatroulette, Formspring and Tumblr all making the top five.

But the level of interest in social media varies across the country. According to Google Trends, the highest volume of searches for the term "social media" is being made in Canberra, ahead of Hobart, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

Social media fans in those cities might argue that a broad term like "social media" is an unfair test and that interest in specific social media brands is stronger evidence of which city should be crowned Australia's social media capital.

On that criteria, Sydney is the lead. It tops the table on Google Trends for "Facebook" and "Twitter". It has more LinkedIn members than any other Australian city, just ahead of Melbourne. It is also attracting more searches than rival cities for smaller social media brands such as Foursquare and Chatroulette.

Whichever city is in the lead right now, Australia's passion for social media looks set to continue to grow.

This interest in the likes of Facebook and Twitter is encouraging more and more organisations to build a social media presence. Businesses, government and non-profits have an opportunity to engage their target audiences through social media. It is vital though that they choose the right platforms and the right content mix for their market, region and organisation type.