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B2B businesses lack confidence in their content marketing

Judging by the large chunk of B2B businesses that have adopted content marketing, it is clear that many marketers are already convinced of the benefits of quality content. However, recent statistics revealed that the majority of B2B marketers aren’t convinced their content is effective.

Last week the Content Marketing Institute released the “2014 B2B Content Marketing Research” report. The US study surveyed 1,217 B2B practitioners and found that 93 per cent are producing online content.

While that statistic is impressive in itself, many B2B businesses doubt their content’s overall effectiveness. Only 42 per cent of interviewees believe their efforts are working, which was an increase from last year’s 36 per cent.

This year, B2B businesses have boosted their efforts to produce more content, with 73 per cent saying they have increased the amount they produce from last year.

The main goals of B2B businesses remain the same as last year: brand awareness and lead generation. The study found that 65 per cent tailor their content towards industry news.

Although these businesses have increased their efforts, many do not have a strategy in place. The study found that only 44 per cent of these B2B businesses have a documented strategy. However, having engaging and original content is the best way to increase brand awareness.

Most B2B businesses have invested in social media, with 87 per cent of those interviewed using it to promote their business. However, besides LinkedIn, many doubt that social networking is helping their businesses.

Although B2B businesses are making improvements to their strategies, many still have a long way to go. Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi highlighted some of the concerns he has with these statistics.

One important issue he brought up was the definition of effectiveness. Digital marketing is not an overnight process. It is successful when businesses produce high quality and engaging material over a long period time, he explained.

Posted by Dylan Brown