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B2B buyers want online content

Content marketing comes with many benefits – it can draw more traffic to your site, boost your search rankings, as well as increase customer engagement and retention.

However, some businesses, especially in the B2B sector, believe online content is not effective for their specific industry. But when it comes to content marketing it is important to remember if you have a consumer base – you have an audience to market to.

A recent study by Komarketing Associates asked B2B buyers what were the main things they look for on a business’s website.

The study found B2B buyers are looking for straightforward and easy to find information. The most important detail is pricing information, according to 43 per cent of interviewees, as well as details about technical support, which was a must for 38 per cent of B2B buyers.

The third most important feature is content, with 38 per cent of B2B buyers citing case studies, articles and blogs as crucial.

However, content was the main thing many B2B websites are lacking. When asked, “What types of marketing collateral do you find to be lacking on most company sites”, 54 per cent of respondents replied with “case studies, white papers and articles.”

Many B2B businesses don’t feel confident that their content marketing efforts are effective. This year, 93 per cent of B2B businesses in the US said they are producing content, according to the Content Marketing Institute, but only 42 per cent believe it’s effective.

As a result, many businesses involved in B2B produce content half-heartedly and are therefore not seeing the immediate results they desire.

The benefits of online marketing are not always obvious and often take a long time. But having a content strategy in place with realistic goals is the best way to achieve this.

One thing’s for sure – judging by the sheer number of consumers wanting content on B2B websites – there’s definitely an audience to market to.