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Baby boomers Australia’s largest group of internet users

A recently released review from Nielsen has revealed that Google and Facebook remain as Australia's top two brand pages, though both had experienced some audience declines in December 2012.

The Australian Online Landscape Review details the latest unique audience trends, covering the top performing brands and sectors, among other features.

The largest online demographic identified by the review is surprisingly the 50 plus age bracket, which is skewed slightly to males (16 per cent) over females (15 per cent), with almost a third of the Australian online population (31 per cent) coming from this age group.

Australians aged 35-49 came in as the second largest demographic online (27.6 per cent) followed by the 'millennials' 25-34 (17.9 per cent) and 18-24 (14.9 per cent).

These statistics may come as a little surprising to some, but they indicate that older Australians are adopting the latest technology to access the internet, with tablets and smartphones becoming more widely available across the country.

The "escalating" use of mobile internet was also highlighted in the review, with mobile page views having a 74 per cent increase since January 2012.

A key part of the Nielsen December 2012 review was the 'VideoCensus', an online video measurement tool which gives a breakdown on how and where Australians are streaming content.

YouTube, VEVO and Facebook were the top three video streaming brands, with Facebook having the most significant month on month audience change of 20 per cent.

The 50 plus age group again took out the largest share of people streaming videos online (31.8 per cent), with Australians aged 35-59 following behind (27.9 per cent).

If you're trying to sell your product or service to the baby boomer generation, implementing a social element to your content marketing strategy may help – as you now know where to find them!

Posted by April Revake.