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Bananas and ice cream – study sheds light on Australia’s ‘likes’

If you were asked to name Australia's top five favourite brands, what would they be?

The Online Circle has gone one better than simply questioning members of the general public – by looking at the amount of 'likes' Facebook pages in Australia have, it has compiled a list of the most popular brands.

Taking the top spot was popular children's TV shows Bananas in Pyjamas, which had more than two million likes at the time the survey was compiled.

In second place was Bubble O'Bill Ice Creams with 1.2 million likes, followed by Pringles Australia in third.

TV programs were shown to have the highest number of fans out of all the sectors covered by Facebook pages, as more than 9.3 million people follow their favourite shows through the social networking site.

The top five TV shows – in terms of Facebook 'likes' – were identified as Bananas in Pyjamas, Home and Away, MasterChef Australia, Underbelly and Neighbours.

Banks and financial institutions registered the least amount of followers with just over 500,000 fans.

It just goes to show how keen the Australian public are to learn more about their favourite brands and shows – and Facebook is quickly becoming the preferred way of doing this.

Running Facebook campaigns is not only a great way to engage with members of the public, but it gives companies the chance to offer an up-to-date insight into their goings on.

As this latest data shows, it doesn't matter whether you are running a hit TV show or a snack food company, people are keen to interact with the brands they use in everyday life.

This presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses – after all, it isn't enough to simply exist on Facebook, as people expect regular updates and fresh content to maintain their interest.

Posted by Emma Furze