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Barack Obama joins Pinterest

It looks like Barack Obama's 2012 election campaign team are employing a fresh social media strategy – the United States president has now joined photo sharing site Pinterest.

"Obama 2012 is now on Pinterest. Included: fast facts, updates from the field, and, yes, a few photos of Bo," the president's Twitter handle reported March 29 (local time).

His first few pins are generating positive feedback among Obama fans – especially a photo of him with his wife, Michelle.

If this new social media strategy was intended to make Obama seem more relatable to his supporters, then this comment from Julie-Anne Whitney would suggest that it is working.

"Oh my god. I love them so much. They're so beautiful together. How great is it that we have a first couple who are actually IN LOVE with each other?"

Other pins include images of the president brandishing a lightsaber, Michelle busting out some dance moves on the Ellen DeGeneres show and some elaborately decorated cupcakes with what looks to be an edible-Obama face on the icing.

The fact that Pinterest has managed to grab the attention of the president of the United States shows that it is moving up quickly in the social media ranks.

According to digital analytics specialist site comScore, Pinterest had just over 17 million unique visitors in February.

This is hardly surprising considering the ease at which users can browse the site. Instead of a page filled with words, each 'pinboard' tells a story with beautiful images – ideal in today's digital age, where people seem to want quick and easy information.

Celebrities are also jumping on the Pinterest wagon – actresses Jessica Alba and Demi Moore, as well as Marie Claire fashion director and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia are among some of the famous pinners.

All of the president's social media marketing is managed by his campaign team, Obama for America.

Posted by Jess O'Connor