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Get better results with longer, richer editorial content [VIDEO]



Hi and welcome to Better Blogging in 30 seconds from Castleford, Australia and New Zealand’s leading content marketing business.

Frasier Crane once said: “If less is more just imagine how much more more will be”.

And when it comes to creating editorial content for your blog, everyone’s favourite fictional psychiatrist was dead right.

Across our client base and on our own blog we’re seeing much stronger metrics for longer, richer blog posts.

Users are expecting a more comprehensive, in-depth experience when clicking on a blog post these days.

At the same time, Google is placing more and more emphasis on quality signals and you an hit more of those when you’ve got more words to play with.

Longer, higher quality blog posts are the way to go if you want more visitors, stronger engagement and better conversion rates.

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Adam Barber
Adam Barber About the author

Adam is one of Castleford's founders and remains actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business. He started out as a writer and still contributes regularly to our blog, covering SEO, CRO, social media and digital strategy.

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