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Better Blogging in 30 Seconds: Sweating your content assets [Video]

Hi and welcome to Better Blogging in 30 seconds from Castleford, Australia and New Zealand’s leading content marketing business.

Sweating your content assets is an excellent way to get maximum value out of your best blog posts.

If you have a good idea for a topic or theme you need to think about the different ways you can use it to create great content for your blog.

An interview with your CEO might make a great Q&A piece of your blog. But how do you maximise the return on the effort required to get that interview done?

If you wanted to sweat that asset you might write a separate blog article using a news-worthy quote from the interview as the main hook.

You could turn the questions and answers into a beautiful infographic; tweet excerpts from the interview to promote your original post; or rework some of the material into a downloadable guide. That way you get lots more bang for your buck. 

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