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Better, faster, stronger: Engaging with social media on the run

Technology today is created to run faster and more efficiently, with people often using smartphones and tablets to perform everyday tasks such as banking, shopping and organising plans for the day.

With people living in a constant hustle and bustle, technology is constantly adjusting to the need for faster access, streaming and download times as well as the need for easier and more convenient use.

Facebook has consistently adjusted to the changes in the use of social media and the important role it now plays in people's everyday lives, announcing an update to the Facebook app for iPhone and iPad on August 23.

Facebook 5.0 for iOS is twice as fast as the last version, which makes "keeping up with friends faster and easier".

The app opens up quicker than before, with your news feed and notifications loaded up as soon as you open Facebook.

Stories appear faster than ever, with a banner letting you know when fresh content comes in, where you can tap once to see the latest update.

It's an activity that you may find yourself doing often, or see other people doing on your morning commute to work, grabbing breakfast at the cafe or even at the workplace – checking Facebook.

It has become so commonplace, that checking your Facebook page before leaving for work is as routine as reading the morning newspaper.

The ability to engage in social media on the go has become more popular with the emergence and sudden takeover of smartphones and tablets. Reading the morning newspaper is starting to take predominance on the internet, where people just simply don't have the time to sit down and read an article.

The use of apps helps us to get original content and breaking news, where we ourselves can share our daily encounters in life with the use of apps such as Instagram.

Instagram has become the staple app for many people, where users share pictures of their day's activities including projects they've been busy with, food they're about to eat and other fun shenanigans.

An infographic created by Online Colleges and shared on Mashable shows that since October 2010, Instagram users have climbed to 40 million in April 2012.

Instagram fosters a strong engagement with social networks and media, with more than five million photos being uploaded everyday – which is around 58 photos per second.

Posted by April Revake.