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Bing and Yahoo! Search outperform Google success rates

New research from the US has shown that Bing and Yahoo! Search enjoyed higher success rates than search engine giant Google last month.

The new figures, published by Experian Hitwise, show the percentage of searches that resulted in an actual visit to a website in January. While Bing and Yahoo! Search yielded almost identical scores of 81.54 per cent and 81.38 per cent respectively, Google lagged behind with a mere 65.58 per cent.

What does this mean for online marketers? While Google is still undisputedly king in terms of search market domination (accounting for 67.95 per cent of all searches made in the US, compared with Yahoo! Search's 14.62 per cent and Bing's 12.81 per cent, respectively), those in the know may wish to evaluate the search engine result pages to determine how to make information more relevant to users.

While the new figures from Experian Hitwise were based on American results, they are also relevant here in Australia. Research published in November by the same firm indicated that half of Aussie companies admit their contact data is inaccurate on their websites- meaning that more than ten per cent of their marketing budgets could be going to waste.

Accurate information and successful searches go hand-in-hand to make an effective content marketing strategy. Is your site displaying the most current information?