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Bing’s big plans to expand into other areas of search

Bing may not be the golden child that parent company Microsoft had hoped for when it launched the search engine five years ago, but it may still have a shot at competing with Google.

Since its inception in 2009, Bing has amassed a significant following in the US, but barely scratched the surface in European and Australasian markets.

During October of this year, Bing conducted 4.5 percent of Australian search queries, compared to Google’s impressive 93.3 percent, according to StatCounter.

These figures show no sign of changing either, with Google and Bing’s search percentages fluctuating only slightly over the past few years.

At the Web Summit conference in Ireland, the Senior Director of Search at Microsoft Stefan Weitz spoke about Bing’s future in search, The Register reported.

At the conference, Weitz admitted that Bing isn’t likely to steal a major chunk of Google’s search traffic anytime soon, but he has high hopes for Bing’s influence in other areas of search.

“But search in different areas of life? That mix is to be determined. I’m committed to making sure we have our fair share of search in the future” he said.

Weitz believes there is still room for competition in other realms of search, pointing out some of Bing’s potential strong points, such as machine learning and natural language search.

“For us, it’s less about, though that’s still important. It’s really about how we can instead weave the tech into things you’re already doing.” he added.

As an example, Weitz brought up Microsoft’s multilingual search capability – where Bing translates sites in other languages and presents them in search results.

Bing also has a shot at measuring social media activity, said Weitz, such as the shares and likes on Facebook.

Due to Bings lack of influence in Australia and New Zealand,it’s natural that businesses trying to increase their search presence here prefer to focus on Google.But if Bing is successful in expanding into other search sectors, this could soon change.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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