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Blogger receives fresh content update

As with many of Google's products lately, Blogger has received a massive overhaul that redefines how users are able to post fresh content.

The changes go far beyond the cosmetic, with new stylish graphics and a streamlined interface indicative of a plethora of improvements to the blogging platform's back end.

According to an official post by Blogger's product manager Chang Kim, powerful new tools and a sleek interface will be offered to users in stages as the search engine rolls out their updated product across the board.

New services have been added that reflect many requests made by end users over the years since the last round of updates.

Kim asserts: "Throughout the design process, we conducted user interviews to help identify how to make Blogger even easier and more enjoyable to use.

"We also watched users try our new interface and made many refinements based on their feedback."

The interface will be fairly familiar to those who use Google Docs on a regular basis, with smooth crisp details and an easy to navigate interface making for a fairly intuitive experience.

But there's more to see under the bonnet – account managers have gained access to dedicated blog analytics through the Overview section on their dashboard that tracks reader numbers, feedback rates and follower information.

At this stage, the new platform will be offered on an opt-in basis, allowing users to try out the new features and give their feedback without being thrust into the deep end – they are still able to switch back to the old interface with a single click.

Many businesses use this Google product to publish company blogs – the idea being that by informing interested members of the public with fresh content and industry developments, a firm can start to develop an image as a market thought leader.

By offering something of value – such as relevant, timely industry news – to readers and asking nothing but their time and attention in return, a stronger relationship with potential clients can form over time.