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Bloggers rate self-satisfaction, not financial gain

Earning profits is an extremely low priority for Australian bloggers, a recent study has found.

Of 594 respondents, only one per cent indicated that the revenue they made had a bearing on their blogging interest, whilst just five per cent said they were motivated by the money they hoped to make from it in the future.

The survey, by blog advertising platform Nuffnang, found that 49 per cent of people continue to blog for the "self-satisfaction", 17 per cent to make a name for themselves and 11 per cent because of positive reader feedback.

And 67 per cent of bloggers found sponsored posts useful, as long as they were impartial and transparent.

These results suggest there might be a significant difference between the goals of an individual blogger and those of a business.

Company blogs will not generally be designed to satisfy their contributors – although this certainly might be the case regardless – but they are no less likely to gain popularity if they consistently deliver quality original and fresh content for readers.

In fact, given that a business' blog is specifically aimed at forming part of an overall content marketing strategy, it could be expected to generate a higher following at a faster rate than a personal blog written purely for fun and not promoted as heavily.