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Bondi Hipsters go viral on YouTube

Hipsters are increasingly becoming known for a little thing that we in the English speaking world like to call irony.

A cult-like dedication to skinny jeans, organic food, bicycles and expensive drug habits makes it easy to write jokes about people who are serious about being an individual.

In the UK, the London fashion set became the butt of a more than just a few jokes when The Dickhead Song went viral on YouTube more than one year ago.

The US wasn't far behind when the team behind The Gentlemen's Rant ran a segment on hipsters which told viewers to wear deodorant and avoid putting on scarves in summer.

Despite a number of comedians turning to this group to source their material, it seems that Australians hipsters have been off-limits.

That was until advertising buddies and creative duo Christiaan Van Vurren and Nick Boshier made a series of short videos about Bondi Hipsters.

With its heady mix of drugs, sex and fashion you could be forgiven for thinking that the YouTube hit video The Life Organic came straight out of the unofficial hipster capital of the world – Williamsburg, NYC.

But The Life Organic – which tells the story of Dom and Adrian who are two inner city fashion designers that lead a gluten-free life in Bondi – was filmed and produced in Bondi.

Since it was uploaded on the video sharing site last week the short film has made a name for the would-be comedians, to the point where they are now in talks with major TV execs about programs for mass audiences.

"We've had three networks get in touch with us to find out what we're going with the Hipsters idea," Van Vuuren said.

"It's always amazing to see when something like that takes off. Just to see the emails flood in has been incredible."

And while contracts have yet to be confirmed, you can still catch a glimpse of the Bondi Hipsters online.

Posted by Aimee McBride