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Boosting your Twitter campaign through retweets

Maintaining a successful Twitter campaign as part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy can be a challenge due to the multitude of factors at play.

However, one sure-fire way to reach a wider audience is to boost the number of retweets you manage to encourage from your followers – but how exactly should you go about this?

Here are some of our top tips to increase retweets for your Twitter campaign.

Timing: Whether it's delivering a perfect punch-line or making a top-notch souffle – timing can be everything.

And so it is with Twitter campaigns. There's no point in unleashing all of your tweets when none of your followers are online.

You may even find retweeting your own tweets later in the day can work – you may think it's a bit spammy, but it can help with hitting followers in different timezones.

Interesting content: This may sound like a given, but it's surprising how many companies overestimate how fascinated their followers will be with a continuous stream of tweets plugging its goods and services.

In order to encourage retweets, try tweeting informative links to how-to guides on your site, or entertaining/funny blog posts. 

Building your brand means more than just spamming special offers to boost sales.

Leave enough space for comments: This can be easy to forget, but people will want to add their own comments when they're retweeting – so make sure to give them enough space!

A recent infographic by Quicksprout showed the optimal message length on a tweet should be between 71 and 100 characters.

This provides enough room for adding @usernames, requesting a retweet and comments, as well as the original tweet.

Another quick and easy tip for increasing retweets? Simply ask! Quicksprout calculated that putting 'Retweet please' has a 51 per cent retweet rate.

Posted by Francis Finch