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Bradley Horowitz says Google+ needs to improve

Bradley Horowitz, Google's vice president of product management has said that the company needs to improve the delivery of services to users of its social network.

In an interview with Tim O'Reilly, Horowitz reflected that the search giant may have made a couple of mistakes in trying to enforce policies that removes anonymity from the online space.

Several cases have surfaced where Google+ has taken action against users who appeared to be using generic pseudonyms instead of real names – only to be proven wrong.

On this point Horowitz asserted: "We need to improve [that process]."

Speaking on Google's recent turnaround regarding public anonymity as part of online culture, the VP assured O'Rielly that it was a topic he was familiar with and needed no further education on.

"There’s no moral opposition to that happening. We want to let them in [to Google+] in a way that’s great for the whole community," asserted Horowitz.

The topic of online branding throughout the social channel was covered in depth by the interview, with the search giant's crackdown on profiles dedicated to companies and firms, frustrating large numbers of users.

Horowitz explained that actions had been taken to stop these companies from using Google+ simply because the service was not optimised to handle their specific needs.

"We’ve kicked out tens of thousands of brands that have wanted to get into the service. Would I love to have Starbucks? I’d love to. [But] we want the experience to be good for the brands."

He also said that progress still needs to be made on the site's sharing methods, as well as providing secure avenues for data on social media marketing in a way that does not impact on user privacy.