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Branded content essential for your content marketing strategy

One of the key concerns with ensuring good results from your content marketing strategy, is identifying the practices or activities that keep your audience engaged and interested in your brand.

Online marketing trends change all the time, where one day polls may be a popular way to foster engagement and the next month it's not as interesting to your audience.

A survey conducted by independent research company Forrester found that around 70 per cent of US online adults trust brand or product recommendations from friends and family, while 46 per cent trusted consumer-written online reviews.

Only one in ten of the 58,000 respondents trusted ads on websites, with nine per cent trusting text messages from brands or companies.

This, Forrester says, signals a "need for new ways" for marketers to build their brand with consumers as brand-led advertising online and offline has lost its allure.

Consumers are preferring self-selected online content over the "one-way push communications".

"Marketers now have the power to connect with their customers in ways they never could before, as branded content can bridge the gap between TV's emotive power and digital advertising's measurability and efficiency," Forrester principal analyst Tracy Stokes posted.

"But for every Old Spice and Oreo success story, there are hundreds of unseen messages and videos."

Stokes noted that branded content offers an "opportunity to truly engage with consumers" in a way that marketers have never done before.

Forrester's four C's framework was suggested by Stokes to help build your brand with branded content, which involves: Capturing the brand's 'North Star' in branded content, connecting to consumers in context, creating visible value and continuously measuring and optimising results.

"So as branded content gains steam, marketers must shift from an ad hoc approach where content is an afterthought, to an approach where content production is systematic, integrated, and data-driven," Forrester notes in a March 21 press release.

"By doing so, brands will enable the four components of a 21st century brand — one that is trusted, remarkable, unmistakable, and essential."

Posted by April Revake.