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British company launches social media insurance

Social media can be a wonderful business tool that can ensure that the public can interact with businesses and brands, and it provides a free method of marketing and visibility through a social media strategy.

The problem is, like many things on the internet, there is a vulnerability which comes from hackers and stolen passwords.  Sometimes businesses just post something which can be deemed offensive or silly, without intending to do so.

But now, there is insurance against this type of problem.

A company in the United Kingdom has launched a social media insurance company,<del comma to cover businesses that stand to lose face or money over mistakenly-posted social media contributions.

iAllow is a company that aims to help bury an embarrassing post to make it more difficult to find. If an account is hacked, it will travel down legal avenues to try and identify the perpetrators.

The communications chief with iAllow, Joe Wiggins told News Limited that a simple mistake could have huge ramifications.

"(It) could result in them losing their job or being the victim of crime, for example," he said.
Wiggins said this service was created in response to daily stories of hacked accounts.

"We felt there was a niche for this," he said.

iAllow currently conducts risk assessment  to find out where data is stored and whether the company is at risk of being hacked. A team from the company then work to ensure that it is protected.

The company also offers services to shut down parody sites or malicious accounts with the same name.

Of course (and we might be a little biased here), another way of ensuring that your brand has a trusted voice on social media sites is to enlist help in developing your content strategy. Social media marketing is part of Castleford Media's approach to creating fresh content for the web – contact our team to find out more.

Posted by Tim Wright