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Building your brand with social media

It’s now a common practice for companies worldwide to make use of Twitter campaigns, corporate blogging and Facebook posts to get their brand name out there to more consumers.

But is your company’s social media strategy using these tools to the greatest effect?

It’s one thing to have these pages, and another to completely take advantage of the features they offer.

You have a wide range of content to post on your company’s social pages, from photos to videos to updates.

“Each has its own strengths—and a proper place in your arsenal. Regardless of what type of content you post, there are certain messaging strategies that consistently prove to increase fan engagement across social networks,” Wildfire by Google stated in its brand report.

The report noted strategies that companies used to engage their fan communities and keep them coming back for more.

Here are some strategies that your company could find useful adding to your social media strategy.

Pose simple, closed questions

Wildfire by Google says that companies need to ensure that their messaging is easy to interact with.

Users are more likely to complete a task that’s quick and easy, rather than do one that requires some effort.

Ask your followers questions that are a “breeze” to answer, simply requiring a yes or no. The report states that the barrier to clicking ‘Like’ or typing a one-word response is very low, so more users respond.

Amplify when you can

If a social media platform offers you the option of sharing to your other networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – do it!

You can bring your message to a line of different users at each platform, so get the word out and share it on all your social media sites.

Another way to amplify your posts is to add hashtags on social media websites such as Instagram or Twitter, or tag relevant people or companies in your posts to help extend your audience reach.

Posted by April Revake.