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Businesses have social media but don’t know what to do with it, new study shows

Businesses around the world are embracing social media marketing – but most of them are missing the point according to a new survey from InSites Consulting published June 20.

The study saw 1,222 top managers surveyed on the way they use social media in their business. It revealed that 61 per cent of American companies are now using Facebook, while 39 per cent have a Twitter account and 24 per cent use YouTube.

Perhaps a little surprisingly, only 29 per cent are currently on LinkedIn – a social media service that markets itself towards professionals and businesses.

While this increased commitment towards communicating with customers might seem like a promising sign, other results were somewhat disappointing.

The survey found that only 12 per cent of companies are currently integrating their social media strategy into overall corporate policy, while 29 per cent said that they were not doing anything with their social media platforms at all.

InSites Consulting partner Steven Van Belleghem thinks that companies are rushing to get online without fully taking the time to think through their social media strategy.

“A huge number of companies feel the external pressure to be present on social media. Unfortunately this only too frequently results in corporate pages where nothing is really happening. So they create enthusiasm in their customers which in the end turns into disappointment,” said Mr Belleghem. 

Those that are looking to integrate are doing so slowly, with only 15 per cent in the process of social media incorporation and an enormous 44 per cent only just beginning to take the first step onto the social web. 

Interestingly, the survey also showed that while many businesses are at least attempting to enter the world of social media marketing, others remain somewhat stuck in the past.

"A digital gap is growing in the corporate world. Companies which are currently not yet investing in digital media are not planning to do so. Companies which are already investing a lot will do so even more in future," says InSites Consulting.

Posted by Zak Wash