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Businesses plan to target mobile users through content marketing

With the increase in smartphone and tabloid users browsing the internet, the content marketing industry is adapting to meet their specific needs. Although many businesses are aware of this shift, what changes are they planning to make to their strategy?

In the future, mobile marketing will undoubtedly take a lead role in digital marketing, but at this stage it is still in the early stages.

Email campaigns, social media marketing and other forms of online content are still very effective. However, brands need to bear in mind that their content needs to be relevant and accessible to these mobile users.

A recent survey by Econsultancy interviewed 500 businesses and agencies about their future plans for mobile marketing and found 67 per cent plan to incorporate mobile marketing into their current content and ecommerce strategy.

One of the most popular changes businesses are planning to make is customising their website so it is easier for mobile users to operate. The survey also found that 55 per cent are planning to create new apps centred around their brand.

In recent years, the amount of smartphone users has skyrocketed. In the US, 56 per cent of adults have a smartphone, according to recent statistics by Pew.

Australia has experienced a similar shift. It is estimated that 54 per cent of Australians operate a smartphone, which is an impressive 12 million users, according to eMarketer.

A great way for brands to interact with this influx of mobile users is through video campaigns. A recent study by Unruly revealed that video viewers on a smartphone have a 13.64 per cent click through rate, making them three times more likely to follow a video back to its website than desktop users.

Posted by Dylan Brown