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Businesses see results of online campaign

A survey by American Express has found that small business owners in Australia are seeing the benefits of the internet – including the use of social media and online shopping.

As a result of selling their products online as well as in store, businesses were 33 per cent more likely to yield a profit.

Amelia Zaina, the head of marketing and customer engagement, small business services at American Express said that a social media strategy is producing results for businesses as they try to stay on top in a hugely competitive environment.

She said that business owners in Australia say their own company websites plus Facebook pages are the most effective ways of marketing their business. Owners of small businesses are seeing the benefits of these investments in e-commerce and are confident they'll see benefits in the long term.

The survey also found that many owners of small business were intimidated by the concept of social media marketing and thought some of the hardest parts of taking their business online included issues like privacy for their customers and setting up payment systems.

But given the fluidity of the internet, Zaina said that businesses can balance their online pursuits between e-commerce and a social media strategy.

Social media campaigns can be supported with custom content, which can help you to stand out from the competition and build stronger relationships with your prospective clients and customers.

A well-planned campaign can position your firm as an industry-leading voice, and can also help you to establish valuable online connections.