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Businesses using more social media apps

Companies are turning in greater numbers to social media to drive the productivity of their business in the 21st century.

The Australian reports that there is a growing trend of enterprises using these applications as part of an internal social media strategy to incorporate business practices with peer interaction.

One such application is Yammer, where users and employees can engage with each other to discuss issues in their workplace.

They can pose questions, bring forward ideas, collaborate and chat with each other.

The idea is that stimulating conversation about how to work more effectively will lead to greater efficiency and performance.

Deloitte is one such business that uses the application and former chief executive Peter Williams told the News Limited publication that this program is part of the evolution of social media.

He said: "We saw an explosion of social media and how that was allowing people to connect, collaborate and coordinate so much better, so we decided we wanted to give it (Yammer) a go.

"They were the groups [those that use Yammer] that tended to have higher revenue growth, higher profit, better staff engagement and lower staff turnover. And in a professional firm, that is nirvana."

He added such programs help mobilise employees to become more self-reliant as walls are torn down in a big company and it creates networking from which ideas are sprung.

Williams mentioned that about ten per cent of employees' use of Yammer is a purely social pursuit but he felt that if workers engage with each other more, they'll work harmoniously as a result of shared interests through activities such as mother's groups or biking interests.

Another business that uses Yammer is and its senior vice-president for marketing Doug Bewsher told The Australian that suppliers, clients and other associations of the business can also engage in conversation.

As a result of this, Bewsher stated, online communities can be formed that are attached to the business and improve relationships.