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Bye-bye Mr American Pie: Q&A with Lead Content Writer, Chris Davis

One of the benefits of having a big sister company like Brafton is that we can get experienced content marketers over from the US to work alongside our local talent in Australia and New Zealand.

Chris Davis has spent the last 6 months on secondment from Brafton’s editorial team. During that time he’s worked as a Lead Content Writer in our Auckland office where he’s been a massive hit with clients, as well as our account management and editorial departments.

Before he hopped on the plane back to Boston, we sat Chris down for a Q&A on his time in the southern hemisphere.

What will you miss the most about living and working in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a giant outdoor playground. In less than an hour I could get to green mountains and beautiful beaches, and Auckland was an hour and a half flight from snow-capped rocky mountains. I went on so many outdoor adventures and it hardly took any planning or spending.

We write a huge range of content at Castleford. What’s the strangest topic you’ve written about during your time on the Business and Technology Desk?

One account I worked on wanted thought-provoking articles about big advancements in tech, so I wrote  about an interview with Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil is an engineer at Google and for decades has made wild predictions about where humans and technology will go in the near future, and for the most part he’s been right. This particular interview was about what Kurzweil calls The Singularity – the point at which humans and machines merge. Think Terminator. It was awesome.

What about your favourite topic?

I loved writing about cyber security because it was amazing to learn about sort of an upheaval of the status quo. Big companies are reluctant to admit it, but they’re losing the battle against hackers and it’s getting worse. It’s virtually every week that a major international corporation makes the news for a security breach. Now, these companies run by baby boomers are dependent on these young kids with amazing computer skills – “ethical hackers” they’re called – to find problems in the system before the bad guys do.

What will you be doing when you return to Brafton?

I’ll return to Brafton as a Senior Writer, but I’m definitely going to explore my opportunities. This could mean a move to the design team to help build outlines and manage production or a jump to the video team. I’ll look for the best place where I can put my experience at “Braftleford” to the best use. Yes, Braftleford.

You’ve got a week left in the country. What’s on your New Zealand bucket list?

At the time of writing this, I can officially say I’ve checked everything off my NZ bucket list. In the past week alone I’ve surfed literally alongside dolphins, seen the rarest kind of penguin in the world, swum at the base of a waterfall, eaten lunch on a glacier, bungee jumped into a canyon and taken a nap next to a super lazy sea lion. It’s been good.