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Can Facebook and Twitter help your SEO?

Facebook and Twitter play a big role in a lot of content marketing campaigns, but do the popular social media sites help your SEO?

In a recent video, Google's Matt Cutts said the search engine's crawlers had had problems crawling these sites in the past and couldn't always pick up on activity such as shares, likes and new connections.

But while the immediate SEO benefit might be limited, there is still a strong link between what you do in social media and how your website performs in search.

First up you have searches for your brand. You really want to own the results when someone searches for your company or one of your branded products. Your social profiles will usually rank really well in those searches and help squeeze out pages you don't own or control.

Secondly, there's the long term, brand building side of social media. Established profiles, a growing network and lots of mentions will all help to raise your virtual profile and let your site tap into the bias Google shows to already popular sites.

Last but certainly not least, don't forget about Google+. It will get your pages indexed immediately and if you set up authorship you can boost how content you create ranks in search.