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Can my business be on Google+?

The short answer is: not yet.

Whilst some companies have tried, Google today started deleting brand profiles from its social media platform.

But it appears that this isn’t a mean-spirited attack on businesses – instead, the search engine claims it has plans to launch an exciting feature just for companies on its social network in the near-term.

Google has promised that it will launch a business pages function as part of its extended platform roll-out, but in the meantime is asking businesses to not jump the gun by setting up a company profile.

The exact features of Google+'s business section are currently under wraps and speculation is largely centred on how it will compare to Facebook's current business pages.

With Google shaking up the structure of social media platforms with +, many are excited at the possibilities of what it will offer brands in the near future.

More and more businesses are creating Facebook pages to keep followers abreast of news, product updates and specials.

Some, such as Skittles and Red Bull, have even managed to surpass one million likes.

Social media marketing is a great way to engage with regular customers who want updates from your brand.

It can also help businesses find new followers who are yet to experience your products and services.