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Captivating consumers with YouTube content

New social media tools such as Instagram and Vine are starting to make their presence felt on the social media marketing scene – but that doesn't mean you should forget about the impact you can make with Facebook campaigns and YouTube videos!

While these creative new forms may be captivating the interest of mobile technology users, you still need to target those online consumers who access content from their desktops or laptops at work and home.

A new MDG Advertising infographic, Advertisers, You Need YouTube, reveals that the video-sharing platform attracts around one billion unique users each month!

All the companies on AdAge's 100 Leading National Advertisers – including Google, Nike and Red Bull – use YouTube campaigns to help increase their social media exposure.

One company that has found great success on social media due to their YouTube videos is Old Spice, an American brand for male grooming products.

According to a blog post from Jeff Bullas, the Old Spice YouTube marketing campaign resulted in a whopping 800 per cent increase in Facebook interaction as a result of the personalised videos.

Sales figures were also reported to have increased by 107 per cent, with the campaign gaining the company 236 million YouTube views and 80,000 Twitter followers in two days.

To put it simply, the Old Spice campaign was a viral success, and continues to be one, with over 262 million views on their YouTube channel.

"As the infographic shows, YouTube offers a captive audience continually searching for fresh and interesting content," MDG Advertising writes.

"Brands would be wise to get involved in this wildly popular video-sharing platform to keep current customers engaged and get new ones intrigued."

Some tips offered by the Content Marketing Institute to boost your YouTube campaigns include producing "lots of diverse content", integrating YouTube with web content (eg – company websites) and engaging with your YouTube community.

Posted by April Revake.