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Capture the best moments of your Twitter with #FollowMe

Twitter is used by brands, organisations, celebrities and everyday people to post a number of things – from daily musings to reactions to a latest TV show episode to new advertising campaigns.

Some of the content posted on Twitter is absolutely gold, generating a lot of conversation on the platform and earning a great number of favourites and re-tweets.

Your company can now gather some of your best Twitter moments together in a video 'highlight reel', recapping your most engaging tweets, photos and Vine videos.

Twitter announced this new feature, #FollowMe, on its blog yesterday (June 13), teaming up with Vizify, a company focused on presenting social media profiles and content in a graphical bio that "looks great".

The partnership between Twitter and Vizify has resulted in this highlight video feature, which can reveal the times you tweet the most, who your most engaged followers are and feature your most popular tweets. The #FollowMe feature also allows the video to be set to music!

NBA star Kobe Bryant is one notable Twitter user who has already made use of #FollowMe, creating his own highlights reel to share with his 2.7 million followers.

This came "just in time" for Bryant with the NBA Social Media Awards 2013 taking place on Wednesday evening (June 12), where he picked up the 140 (for his tweet "Amnesty THAT) and Social MVP awards.

Glee actress Amber Riley also jumped on the #FollowMe bandwagon, featuring images with her castmates in her highlight reel and giving her top followers a shout out too in the video.

To get started on your highlight reel, you simply need to sign into Vizify, which will then ask you for authorisation to access your Twitter account.

"Once Vizify has made your video, you can change the music or choose different elements (photos, Vine videos, Tweets)," James Buckhouse posted on the Twitter blog.

"Check 'Add to my Twitter bio' so everyone can enjoy it. Anytime you want to create a new one, refresh to see a new video."

Posted by April Revake.