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Castleford Media presents at the Online Marketer Bootcamp

Today (August 19), some of the Castleford team got out of the office to attend the Online Marketer Bootcamp- an event for businesses interested in learning more about search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

It was an interesting event, with lots of opportunities for online businesspeople and to learn more about online promotions, held at the Four Points by Sheraton at Darling Harbour.

Our director Adam Barber delivered a special half-hour presentation that focused on the importance of good online copywriting, keyword searches and organic link generation.

Adam covered a lot of ground in his session, including the need for fresh content and relevancy of news articles – information that businesses need to consider when planning online marketing campaigns.

Social medias role in accessing the long-tail market segment was also discussed, along with the effects a consistent content plan can have on generating natural conversions.

The need for static landing pages and dynamic, searchable news articles was covered, with Adam explaining how you – or an agency like Castleford – can use these features to add measurable value to a website.

Adam also explained the differences between the types of writers available, likening freelancers to Boba Fett, in-house to a galley of rowers and third party providers of premium content – that's us! – to Jerry Maguire.

After the show we got to mingle for awhile, before entering the next round of presentations.

We ended up catching some interesting presentations relating to social media and electronic direct marketing too. One of the most memorable events was by Mandi Bateson, digital director at Hill Knowlton.

Bateson spoke on the role played in online marketing by video-based websites such as YouTube and Vimeo, discussing their changing impact on business' searchability.

Overall it was a great experience and we can't wait to venture out to the next meet up!