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Catching onto the Flipbook buzz: Engage with the world’s ‘first social magazine’

Have you heard of the ingenious app sensation Flipboard yet? Chances are your friends with tablets and smartphones may already be using this application to receive custom news, engage with social media and view fresh content.

The growing popularity of tablets mean that many people are now accessing their news a lot differently – with the morning paper now being swapped for breaking news updates on their newsfeed, so that they can read on the go.

Flipboard was introduced in 2010 to combine the uses of social media, news and other web content to create a personalized magazine.

You can 'flip' through tweets from your Twitter timeline, check your Facebook newsfeed, stay up to date with the latest news and find inspiration from sites such as National Geographic and Oprah.

In June this year, the New York Times and Flipboard collaborated to deliver news that was formatted for "optimal reading" for the iPad and iPhone.

This move signalled the launch of the New York Times NYT Everywhere, the company's strategy to expand their reach to users on third-party platforms.

This meant that Times subscribers were able to have full access to all content that includes full articles, blogs, photo slideshows and videos.

Other publishers are also utilizing Flipboard to expand their audience worldwide, including big names such as USA Today, Bazaar, Aljazeera, BBC News, Forbes, The Telegraph, Rolling Stone and Lonely Planet.

Flipbook is a growing phenomenon, where it now has 20 million users in the space of only two years.

The company released an infographic detailing the company's growth and popularity, where it stated that one user was "born every second".

Social media seemed to play a huge part for Flipbook users, with 75 per cent of readers on iPads connected to social networks.

The top categories browsed on Flipbook included news, technology, business, photos, design and living, with the top countries flipping including the US, UK, China, Japan and Canada.

Posted by April Revake.