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Changes to Google Maps give the world direction

Google is again helping to give the world a better sense of direction with the latest developments of its Google Maps application.

Just last week (September 6), Google Maps and Earth vice president Brian McClendon revealed the latest changes to the tool on the search giant's official company blog.

"These improvements are part of our ongoing effort to build the best map we can – one that's comprehensive, accurate and easy for you to use."

The Google Maps application now has a voice recognition capability – making it easier to use and more accessible since it can be operated hands-free.

Another noteworthy alteration is the turn-by-turn feature – which allows you to turn the digital map according to the direction you want to go in – making Google Maps' response quicker whether you are walking or driving to your destination.

With each modification, the search engine is helping to make Google Maps the go-to source for information when navigating yourself around a new city or country.

In addition to this, there is now more information about traffic conditions, which may help to reduce the time you spend waiting in queues on the highway.

Google Maps also now features new street view imagery that includes more locations around the world.

To further highlight just how useful Google Maps now is, Google has released a video called Hello World which celebrates all the places that can be reached with the help of the application.

The video aims to inspire people to explore more of the seven continents and highlights just how easy it is to go anywhere with the help of Google Maps.