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Charlotte Dawson feels the bite from Tweeters: Tips to engage not enrage

It's great to be an active user of social media, where it can be used as a platform for you to keep up with your target audience's interests and trends.

Engaging with your followers by providing fresh and original content is also vital in maintaining a successful social media strategy – but remember to be careful about what you share and how you respond to posts, as New Zealand-born Australian television presenter Charlotte Dawson has now learned.

Dawson felt the cruel bite from social media users, after she responded to a threat from a Tweeter Tanya Heti telling Dawson to "go hang yourself".

Dawson complained to Tanya Heti's employer, Monash University, who was then suspended from her mentoring job.

A barrage of hate tweets then followed, threatening Dawson and turning into an all out social media onslaught. The former model was then admitted to St Vincent's Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre for two days, and then released to stay with friends.

Dawson opened up to 60 minutes about the Twitter hate campaign against her, which screened on September 2, saying: "It just triggered that feeling of helplessness when the trolls got to me."

"They got the better of me and they won."

Twitter is a strong social engine for public opinion, where people are more open to sharing their thoughts and ideas from the safety of a computer, rather than face to face.

It's important to be wary of the content you share on your Twitter page, and how you respond to Tweets – especially those that are negative.

Here are some handy Twitter etiquette guidelines that you may find handy for your use of the social platform.

Be careful of what you Tweet

Try not to post anything too controversial, or enforce your personal ideals on other people – Tweeters are bound to jump on a bandwagon and rally against you!

Ensure your content caters to your audience and their interests. You're supposed to engage, not enrage them!

Prepare for the good and bad

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and a lot of the time you'll have nice, respectable people tweeting you. Be prepared though for those that aren't as nice, and are a little on the nasty side.

Simply block these tweeters. Responding back with bitter tweets isn't going to help the situation, so it's best to ignore them.

Posted by April Revake.